Mingles Seoul

Restaurant: Mingles

New Address: Nonhyun-dong 94-9, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Telephone: +82 2 515 7306

Email: info@restaurant-mingles.com

Website: http://www.restaurant-mingles.com

Period of Visit: Spring 2016 (2nd Visit)

Dinner: Course + A la carte for Two ≈ 400,000 KRW

Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2016: Number 15

Michelin Guide Seoul 2016: 1 Star

Mingles Seoul - First visit

Photo: Samsung Galaxy Note5

Amuse Bouche (1) Fried seaweed served with abalone viscera sauce, mango purée, salmon roe and truffle powder

Amuse Bouche (2) Apple rolled with halibut and topped with fermented bean paste

Amuse Bouche (3) Beef tartare crispy sandwiches

Amuse Bouche (4) Cauliflower and truffle foam with abalone

Tairagai scallop carpaccio, foraged spring herbs, yihwaju dressing

Spring vegetable, organic herb, lobster and foiegras torchon

Spring herbs steamed eggs, lobster, green asparagus

Seabass, Mingles style cooking

Umami noodle, ink and seaweed jang sauce, lobster, sea-urchin, crosnes, capellini pasta

Drunken fish, makgeolli (korean rice wine) battered fried fish

Charred lamb, doen-jang, vegetable ash, celery root, seasonal vegetable

Mingles bansang, assorted seasonal ban-chan

Abalone mixed rice

Jang trio, doen jang crème brulee, gan-jang pican, gochu jang grains, vanilla ice cream, whisky foam, chili powder

Complimentary dessert from Chef Kang, this is their newly created melon, banana and cucumber dessert

Coffee and tea selections


Korean petits fours

We would like to thank you the incredible mingles team, especially to Jinho, thank you very much for your gracious hospitality and delightful conversations, we felt so warm and well cared for each time.